We have accumulated over 425 photos of luncheon attendees. As a result it has been proposed that we order them so as to present the most current photos at the top of the page. Also the blue pull down menu boxes have been rearranged so that the first one is for the current year, the second menu box is for the previous year, and so on. The last menu box contains history and news menu items. If the menu boxes don't open when you place your curser on them, then just click on them or press on them if your are using your smart phone. The website adjusts automatically to whatever device you are using. If you are using your computer at home and have your browser window open wide you will see two photos aligned side by side (two across) but if you make your browser window more narrow you will see the photos begin to align in a single row until they are above one another, a single photo per row enabling viewing on an iPhone, iPad, etc. I hope you find this helpful.

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